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An Important Message
from our Founder and Artistic Director

“The time has come for me to move on from my role with Venus Fest. I am so unspeakably proud of what the festival has become and the hope and love it offers the world. Each team member, artist, collaborator, board member, supporter, volunteer, and audience stepped forward in their own special way, to support one of the most important things I will ever be part of. Being its mom has been the centre of my life these past 7 years. In a couple days we will open up a job posting for the Artistic Director role. I have always said Venus Fest came to me like a being, a person entering my life, full of its own complex beauty and love and twists and chaos. I know in my heart I'm no longer the right steward for this particular being, and I offer it up for collective care. I am happy to have been a catalyst for something that has grown into a stable, lasting vision, as I turn my energy and focus back towards my blossoming client work and Queen Of Swords project.”

– Aerin Fogel, Founder & Artistic Director

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