Ahya Simone


AHYA SIMONE is an eclectically elusive siren and multidisciplinary artist from Detroit. As a harpist, composer, and filmmaker, she traverses the world of sound, moving image, and performance. Drawing inspiration from her favorite contemporary artists, she integrates R&B/soul, jazz, and experimental elements into her works and performances. These unique creations have allowed Ahya to collaborate with artists worldwide.

Ahya's practice also caught the eye of acclaimed filmmaker, dream hampton, composing music for "Treasure: From Tragedy To Trans Justice Mapping A Detroit Story '' (2015) that sparked her interest in film. With the support of Detroit Narrative Agency in 2018, Ahya directed her first short film, "Femme Queen Chronicles'' (co-created with Paige Wood and Brè Rivera) - a comedic story of  three Black trans women living in Detroit which was lauded at film festivals across the globe. Inspired by the absurdity of life and her own share of surreal experiences, Ahya aims to share stories of epically eccentric, and comedic proportions.