Koji Skiraki

Get Better Records

Indie/folk/punk singer-songwriter KOJI was born in Peixtin (Susquehannock land), or so-called Harrisburg, PA. They’ve been writing and recording music since childhood—all the while holding true to a collective and collaborative spirit throughout each of their projects. KOJI is also a label partner at Get Better Records.

Their early releases include the split EPs IIOI/KOJI with Into It. Over It. and Never Come Undone with La Dispute (No Sleep Records). During the same period, they released their debut EP Some Small Way (Run for Cover Records) in 2010, which was their first collaboration with drummer Willie Rose and guitarist Chris Sigda.

In 2013, KOJI released Crooked in My Mind (ft. members of La Dispute, Balance and Composure, Title Fight, Tigers Jaw), which was produced by multi-genre studio wiz Will Yip. KOJI and Yip collaborated again in 2015 for the Fury EP, which also reunited them with Rose and Sigda. KOJI went on to tour the world in support of Fury while raising awareness of several social justice causes along the way.

After a long hiatus, KOJI’s contribution to 2020’s Someday Sunday is the artist's first new music since Fury and represents the deepest reflection of the artist’s community-first ethos—collaborating during pandemic with friends across multiple time zones in an effort to create space for joy and resistance while raising funds for community members’ gender-affirming surgeries. “This isn’t so much picking up where I left off,” KOJI says of Sunday Someday. “It’s a deepening of community and creative practice.”

2023 Mentorship Program Industry Mentor