Sarah Walton


Sarah Walton began in the healing arts in 1990 with four year of Ngondro Practice with Tibetan Buddhist teacher Catherine Rathbun, a student of Kalu Rinpoche. After studying Kinesiology at York and receiving her certificate in shiatsu massage. Her enthusiasm to learn ways of enhancing spirit/soul/mind and body led her to study Kriya Yoga, a mixture of chanting, asana, pranayama and meditation that invoke devotion, trust and divine inspiration with her teacher Ananda Sakti for the last twenty years. Within that time, she also obtained her diploma in Acupuncture and certification to teach qi gong. Sarah believes that our time on the planet is about integrating the different aspects of the self. This is the main tenant of her practice and teaching. Included in Sarah’s 25 years of practice are Ayurvedic massage, mindfulness-meditation workshops, stress-reduction seminars, conscious-birth services, and Art of Life readings.

2023 Mentorship Program  Creative Support
Sarah will be sharing a guided meditation with mentees as part of the 2023 Care Package.